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Natural Veneers: Your Ultimate Guide

Would you like to have straight, well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile?

Has it ever occurred to you that it is possible to get a naturally attractive smile?


Your answer is undoubtedly yes.

Medical achievements continue to dazzle human beings daily, and thus the whitening solution.

Aligning and straightening the teeth beautifully is now available: it is the natural veneers.

Natural Veneers have been widely used as they are easy to apply, give quick results, and are guaranteed to succeed.

Probably most people agree with the writer Charles Palahniuk who said once:

” you can have a beautiful smile for a long period. After that, all you will have are just teeth”

A smile is what leaves a nice first and the last impression in people’s hearts and minds.

We invite you to read more about veneers in this article.

In this article, we will find out:


What Are Natural Veneers?

What Are the Uses of Natural Veneers?

Are Natural Veneers Necessary?

Can Natural Veneers Cause Bad Breath?

How to Take Care of Natural Veneers?


What Are Natural Veneers?

Natural Veneers are porcelain shells that cover the surface of the front teeth.

Veneers also give them a natural look and color provided that the right design of veneers that best suits your face and skin is chosen.

After all, choosing the right shade of veneers is what guarantees the best result.

Dentists at Oval Clinic believe that natural-looking porcelain laminates are the cornerstone in cosmetic dentistry and its most modern technique.

They restore teeth to their natural appearance and add some beautiful touches to their color and shape.

Also, they allow making changes on the length, width, and color of teeth according to the patient’s desire and the dentist’s advice.


What Are the Uses of Natural Veneers?

Veneers give your teeth a natural color, rendering braces and crowns as unnecessary options.

They also have proven their durability and effectiveness, so you do not need to change them.

Unlike ceramic crowns, they cannot be broken.

Veneers make it possible to remold the teeth and make them straight permanently.

“Especially if the right color for the skin is selected”.

They will look familiar, natural, and acceptable for everyone who looks at you.

For that reason, veneers have become a necessity for any person who would like to fix their smile and make it beautiful.


How to Install Natural Veneers?

There are some steps that our dentists follow to get the best results of veneers installation.

First, gum and teeth are thoroughly checked and treated in case cavities are found.

Then the dentist discusses with the patients the image of his dream smile.

The dentist then suggests what he sees best for the patient medically and esthetically until an agreement that suits both the dentist and the patient.

After that, the dentist goes with the patient over a set of photos of teeth treated with natural veneers and previous patients’ experiences.

So that the current one can have a very clear image of what he would like to change in his teeth.

Then, the teeth are filed before taking final measurements.

Prints are sent to our clinic laboratory where high-quality and well-crafted veneers are made.

In the last session, veneers are examined for their shape and color to make sure the patient is satisfied with both.

Veneers are then placed on the teeth with special cement.

After making sure that the patient’s bite is back to the normal position and easy for him to move his jaws and speak correctly and effortlessly, veneers can be applied.


Are Natural Veneers Necessary?

If your teeth are not straight, and you are not satisfied with them because they have inconsistent sizes that badly affect your smile.

Or if you have yellow stains on your teeth resulting from smoking a lot and drinking too much coffee.

Then veneers are the easiest and only solution to your problems.

Natural Veneers are better than braces.

They are faster, more durable, and resistant. They are comfortable and strong.

We can change their color to what suits the patient’s skin, and most importantly, they form a layer that protects the teeth from being broken.


Can Natural Veneers Cause Bad Breath?

It is known that ceramic crowns cause bad breath smell, but that does not apply to veneers if they are installed correctly.

Which starts by checking the gum and teeth and making sure they are both healthy.

Bad breath results from the bacteria in your mouth that cause teeth abrasion and decay.

After treating your teeth problems, you can install veneers, and you will have a beautiful smile without that bad breath.


How to Take Care of the Natural Veneers?

It is essential to take care of your teeth and brush them well because veneers do not only make your teeth beautiful but also protect their surface from decay.

So, it is vital to keep your teeth clean and use the right toothpaste.

It is also necessary to avoid smoking and drinking too much coffee because both cause you many health problems and teeth decay and yellow teeth.

In the end, we assure you at Oval Clinic that the best guarantee for having a beautiful smile is choosing the right shape and color of veneers.

Also, considering the particularities of each case in addition to having a constant connection between the patient and us.

All of that and more, to understand his images and desires regarding his idea smile.

And thus, reach the best result that satisfies our patients and shows our commitment to the highest medical and aesthetic standards.

We also recommend following the after-treatment instructions and visiting the clinic every six months.