Badly Placed Dental Veneers: 5 Problems and How to Fix Them
Badly Placed Dental Veneers: 5 Problems and How to Fix Them

Badly Placed Dental Veneers: 5 Problems and How to Fix Them

Dental Veneers are well known for providing an immediate, beautiful, and natural smile. It’s a hassle-free and non-invasive procedure with minimal recovery time. Same with any other medical procedure, getting these impressive results can be a little risky if done wrong. An expert dentist needs to fit them; otherwise, they might cause serious problems to your teeth and oral health. This blog will focus on what can go wrong with Dental veneers and how to avoid or fix such issues.


1- Wrong dental veneers placement

The dentist needs to do some preparations for the tooth before placing the dental veneers.
Even though they are approximately one millimeter thin, they need the removal of a few millimeters of enamel. This is done to attach them to the tooth’s surface perfectly.
If your dentist removes too much enamel, your natural tooth will be permanently damaged. This will also cause your veneers to look unnatural.

However, veneers will not adhere correctly if your dentist removes only too little; they might fall or look bulky.
To avoid such a problem, choose a skilled dentist knowledgeable about the latest dental technologies and techniques. This way, you will receive the best results without issues.


2- Hypersensitivity

Dental Veneers replace your enamel. Removing a significant portion of it can make your teeth extra sensitive to temperatures. Therefore, your dentist should examine the enamel thoroughly beforehand to determine the best approach.

Yet, it is normal to experience sensitivity in the first few days or weeks after placing them. It’s possibly just a matter of getting used to them, or you just the effects of the application process itself.
This sensitivity should eventually wear off over time. Still, if it persists, visit your dentist to determine and treat the problem.

3- Unnatural Dental veneers color

The charming white color of these shells improves the appearance of teeth, especially stained ones. However, we recommend that the color is not too bright, as it might give an unnatural, fake look. It’s a common problem with non-customized commercially-manufactured dental veneers.

Dr. Ahmad Bandora considers many details when intending to give you a natural smile. His handmade veneers have the advantage of providing a natural-looking gradient color, and nothing sounds better than a natural look.


dental veneers

4- Leaving gaps behind

In addition to their aesthetic properties, veneers fill in small gaps between your teeth, giving a better appearance.
They can cause gaps of varying types if improperly placed.
Leaving these small spaces makes adequate brushing and flossing unmanageable. In addition, this gives enough room for bacteria to crawl in and grow, resulting in gum infections and cavities.

Another issue is that a dentist can place veneers too close to the gum. Doing this makes them appear as if they popped out of it. It also gives a bad look and causes inflammation and other diseases to the gums.
So, whether you have this problem or want to avoid it, Dr. Ahmad Bandora can help.

He will provide what you need to correct the position or replace your fake-looking smile with a better and more natural one.


5- Lengthening teeth

Sometimes, dentists use veneers to extend short teeth, which can involve some risks. For example, it might create some friction with your lower teeth, leaving an unfavorable overall look. It can also lead to chewing and talking problems in other cases. It might even cause the shells to chip or break. and Your dentist should carefully examine your teeth to determine the proper length and shape beforehand. Doing this will reduce the possibility of damage and failure for you to enjoy a natural appearance.

Poorly placed dental veneers can be disappointing, especially when what you wanted was a good-looking smile. But, ultimately, a skilled dentist will give you the best results and peace of mind. Making the right choice, you won’t have to worry about these issues mentioned above. Book an appointment with Dr. Ahmad Bandora right now to receive the highest quality natural veneers and dental care in Dubai.