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Veneers In Dubai: What You Need To Know.


Serving tons of purposes in life, a beautiful, radiant smile has become an essential desire for everyone.

Taking pride in our appearance and granting us the opportunities for a better career and a better life.

Especially right after the spread of social media and social occasions. the thing that made people eager to have cosmetic dental treatments urgently.

If you are wondering about the strong bond between having a beautiful smile and getting more chances and favorable opinions from people you are surrounded by. Then the answer is:

An attractive smile is a key to the heart, giving you the needed confidence to talk and interact without ever holding back.

Interestingly, Oval Clinic is highly proud to offer you the best cosmetic dental in Dubai procedures with the latest technologies in the field, smoothly, professionally, and, most importantly, in a pain-free manner.

In this article, we will excitedly answer the most common questions about having a beautiful, confident smile.


What Are Natural Laminate Veneers in Dubai?

Laminate veneers are one of the essential innovations in dentistry, especially after being accessible to all people.

They are a thin layer of porcelain (no more than 0.03 mm) made in the laboratory by experts and skilled hands.


What Are Laminate Veneers in Dubai Made Of?

Natural Veneers are made from unique materials from porcelain. Which give some luster while preserving the original shape of the teeth.

This layer is bonded to the front surface of the teeth to provide new color and a distinctive shape.


Why Do We Use Veneers in Dubai?

Veneers are considered to be the best cosmetic dental treatment.

Giving the fact that they offer excellent results regarding the shape and color of the teeth in a short time. In addition to not causing bad breath.

So, they are a permanently golden solution to enhancing your smile. On the contrary of orthodontic and whitening treatments that need more time and don’t guarantee lasting results.


When Do We Need Veneers?

Veneers are usually used to fix many dental issues, like congenital dental abnormalities, teeth gaps, misaligned, broken, and chipped teeth.

Also, they are usually used to fix some problems related to the surface of the teeth and giving attractively natural color to discolored ones.




What To Consider Before Getting Veneers in Dubai?

First, you must undergo a full examination of the mouth and teeth. And make sure that you maintain good oral hygiene.

The dentist takes into consideration what patients want to achieve, and it can vary from one clinic to another.

We always recommend visiting dental clinics that have considerable experience in dental treatments.

Not new dentists who don’t have the needed expertise or the appropriate tools.


What Are The Types Of Veneers in Dubai?

There are four main types of materials used in making veneers: porcelain, composite, feldspathic, and zirconia.

The doctor chooses the proper type according to the patient’s teeth condition.

In fact, porcelain veneers are proven to be the best and the most comfortable type to make and place.

It also gives a natural smile with permanent results.


What Makes Oval Clinic So Special Concerning Laminate Veneers?

We are known for our excellence in the veneers field and for using the best tools to enhance the smile by adding natural color and shape.

We make sure to avoid extra-white teeth that result in having fake smiles.

Laminate veneers are made of many porcelain layers that are shaped like natural teeth.

We choose the perfect smile for every face to give the best natural results of aligned teeth.




How Are Veneers Prepared in Dubai?

Fabricating veneers are done over three sessions.

In the first session, the dentist will examine oral health and discuss the preferences of the best smile shape for the patient.

The second session focuses on adjusting the teeth for veneers by reshaping the surfaces with preserving as much as possible of the enamel layer.

Later, special measurements and impressions will be taken (this step could be done through modern digital photography instead).

Then a temporary model of your teeth will be installed until the dental laboratory finishes fabricating your veneers.

In the last session, the dentist will check if the veneers fit well and that the color is right before placing them permanently.

Then, the veneers will be bonded to the teeth using special cement with different color shades to choose the best for each case.

After placing them, the dentist will evaluate the biting and pronunciation condition and shall give some advice to maintain the durability of veneers.


What Are The Tips To Get The Best Results After Placing Veneers?

We advise patients to clean their teeth after every meal using a soft toothbrush that doesn’t have harsh abrasives, in addition to daily flossing.

It is also recommended to use (oral antiseptic) twice a day.

And not to miss periodic six-month check-ups to extend the life of veneers.


Do We Recommend Veneers?

To answer this question, we take into consideration the patients’ priorities and the desire to enhance the form of their teeth.

Everyone certainly wants to have an attractive smile because it gives others a decent first impression of us.

We, at Oval Clinic, find nothing better than veneers to restore the beauty of your smile and self-confidence.

Finally, we assure you that choosing the right smile isn’t as easy as it might appear on the surface, as it depends on selecting a design that best suits the face shape and a natural color fitting well with your eyes’ and skin tone.

But above all, the more proficient your dentist is, the more fruitful result you will get.

“At Oval Clinic, we don’t just get you a natural dreamt-of smile; we make you feel the happiness, too.”