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About Dr. Ahmad

14 Years of Experience in Dentistry!

Dr. Ahmad Bandora is an expert in dental cosmetic restorations and natural veneers. He is well-trained in using laser techniques (WaterLase), doing implant surgeries, and treating a wide range of dental ailments using different dental procedures from common to complicated for both adults and children.

Dr. Ahmad Bandora Services

Free Check-Up

Get free consultations and check-up with Dr. Ahmad Bandora at Oval Clinic.

Oral Health Care

Follow Dr. Ahmad Bandora’s oral health care plan and stay away from dental diseases.

Natural Veneers

Enjoy natural-looking teeth and smile with confidence with Dr. Ahmad Bandora’s natural veneers.

Smile Design

Dr. Ahmad Bandora uses high-tech devices to design your smile on the computer and choose the best for you.

Jaw Radiographs

Get your jaws radiographed for an accurate diagnosis and precise treatment.

Check Your Smile

After your smile is designed, you can see it and decide if it is good for you

Dr. Ahmad Bandora’s Natural Veneers: Quick in Process, Durable in Results

With Dr. Ahmad Bandora, applying natural veneers is a pain-free and quick process that gives you perfect and lifetime-lasting results.

Requiring only minimum trimming, the laminate natural veneers will give your teeth a natural-looking charm and fill you with confidence.

Our Clinic

Dr. Ahmad Bandora

An Expert Dentist in Dubai

After you schedule an appointment with Dr. Ahmad Bandora, he advises you about what is best for you and prepares you for the natural veneers application process. With Dr. Ahmad Bandora’s exceptional natural veneers, you’ll enjoy natural-looking beautiful teeth and a charming smile.

Dr. Ahmad Bandora's team

A Professional Team

The professional and friendly team of specialists at Oval Clinic is committed to ensuring that you are comfortable, calm, confident, and satisfied throughout the process of getting your natural veneers applied.

Visiting the dentist is usually stressful, but there is nothing to worry about at Oval Clinic as all your worries will disappear once you meet their friendly team.

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Everything You Need Under One Roof

Our various top-notch services include, but are not limited to, dental fillings, cleanings, and natural veneers application. With our state-of-the-art devices and technologies, you are promised a fantastic experience in our clinic in Dubai.

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